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The Virginia Automotive Association is excited to offer a Partnership Program, which includes your 2024 Conference Sponsorship, VAA annual membership dues and much more.  We created this program to bring together key players in the automotive industry, creating a network of resources, shared knowledge, and touches to our dealer members. The VAA Partner Program is designed to allow industry suppliers to select the level of exposure that best suits their needs throughout the entire year. We have “bundled” items together to make it easier to support and communicate to all the VAA members during 2024. Please click the link below for complete details.

2024 Partner Program Information & Registration PDF


We want to thank the following vendors for being 2023 VAA Sponsors, and for financially supporting the work VAA does for the entire automotive and tire industry. This work is year round, and is vital to everyone who makes their living in this industry. We greatly appreciate their support, and will continue to recognize them throughout the year. We ask our VAA Dealer Members to support them back with your business in 2023. You may reach each sponsor's website by clicking on their logo.


Clint Farrar

Michael Iacopelli

Kyle Thoden

Ron Justice


Paul Rhodes

Caleb Stowe

 Joe Aruta

Heather Esparza


Pat Henig

Ron Canfield, Billy
Jones, Tom Layden

Alan Wietz

Bill Elomari


Karen Dee

Ron Causey

 Pat O’Neill

Marc Stewart 

Tom Jones 

Kevin Kummerer


Daniel Simpson

Chris Boyle Karen Hudgins Brian Holdcraft Donn Grant Angela O’Neill

Justin Smith  

 Zack Snead,
Scott Byer
 Ron Lindsey  Mike Kelly  Bryan Patterson

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